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Since 1948, Purple Cross has been assisting families across America. The purpose of Purple Cross is to provide funds to pay for all final expenses. In addition, Purple Cross can assist families with a funeral home selection that can provide cost saving selections. Many funeral homes will guarantee costs for both cremation and traditional funeral services. Since 1948, there have been over 500,000 families that have participated with Purple Cross. Purple Cross was created by the Washington State Funeral Director Association.


The cost of your prearrangement may be prepaid in a lump sum payment or paid over a period of years. Purple Cross provides payment plans with insurance protection while making payments. EXAMPLE: A male, age 65, wants to have $5,000.00 available to his family to help pay for his final expenses. He cannot afford to pay a lump sum payment. His option is a payment plan payable for 2 to 10 years. His monthly payment for a 10 year plan is only $39.50 per month for 120 months. If death occurs while he is making payments Purple Cross will pay the $5,000.00 and no further payments will be due. The total out of pocket expense for the 10 year plan is $4,740.00. The value of his plan is $5,000.00 after the first payment of $39.50. In addition to the $5,000.00 death benefit there are tax free increases to the death benefit each year while the insured is living. At the time that death occurs the full $5,000.00 plus all increases are paid to the beneficiary TAX FREE.


To qualify for our insured time payment plan there are only three simple health questions. Our underwriting is very liberal which helps almost everyone qualify for a time payment plan that provides free insurance coverage.


At the time death occurs most families inform the funeral home that they have a Purple Cross Plan. The funeral home when then file a claim on behalf of the family to receive the death benefit. The death benefit is then paid out to the beneficiary within a very short period of time. In most cases it only takes 24 to 36 hours to receive the death benefit. If the family chooses to file a claim they can call our Purple Cross customer service and we will assist them.


Many families are now taking advantage of the many benefits Purple Cross provides when a family member is applying for Medicaid assistance with the Department of Social and Health services. This Medicaid assistance includes providing nursing home or elder care assistance paid for by DSHS. Purple Cross products have been reviewed by the departments of health and social services in most states, as well as the Health Care Financing Administration (SSA) in connection with determining how Purple Cross products affects eligibility for Medicaid/SSI benefits. The general rule concerning life insurance is the cash value in a life insurance policy will be included in calculating whether the total resources of the Medicaid/SSI applicant or recipient are within the required limits.


Once the irrevocable assignment of a Purple Cross plan ownership form is executed, the cash value is $0. As a result the Purple Cross plan with an irrevocable assignment of policy ownership is not usually counted as a resource in determining eligibility for Medicaid/SSI benefits.


Thousands of families every year contact Purple Cross to ask what they can do to protect funds that families have set aside. We assist these families by helping them set aside these funds in a protected irrevocable trust account. When set aside with Purple Cross these funds a exempt from Medicaid and SSI regulations.


No reasonable amount set aside can be denied by DSHS or Medicaid. However, Purple Cross sets a limit of $25,000.00 per individual.


Our Purple Cross staff is lead by David Martin, who has been with Purple Cross for over 35 years.

Every memorial has a story…


Thankful Our Grandfather had a Purple Cross Plan

Last year my Grandfather passed away and our family thought he had purchased some type of burial plan years ago. Grandfather had told our family that he did not want to be cremated but wanted to be buried in the national cemetery for veterans. Both of my parents had already passed away and we were responsible for the burial costs for our Grandfather. We did not have the money to fulfill Grandfathers wishes and we really did not know what to do. The funeral home could not provide their services without payment in full. The funeral home suggested that we call Purple Cross. When we called we explained our situation and the staff member helping us researched their records and found that Grandfather had purchased a Purple Cross Plan in 1982 for a death benefit of over $6,000.00. This was more then enough to pay for his funeral. His cemetery expenses were free because he was a veteran. We are so thankful Grandfather had a Purple Cross Plan. —Darcie, OR


Without Purple Cross We Could Not Have Fulfilled My Husband's Wishes

When we decided to purchase insurance to pay for our final expenses we inquired with several insurance companies but found that because of my husbands health he did not qualify for a plan in Washington State. We had heard that Purple Cross may be an option so we called Purple Cross and found that my husband did qualify for a Purple Cross Plan with insurance coverage. Less then two years later my husband passed away and Purple Cross paid the entire death benefit we had asked for. Without Purple Cross our family would not have been able to give my husband the services he had wanted. —Joanne, Seattle WA


Even With My Husband's Unexpected Death, Full Benefits Were Paid

My husband and I had a dry cleaning business and a representative of Purple Cross would use our service for his families dry cleaning needs. He explained what he did for families and my husband and I decided that we wanted to get a Purple Cross Plan for each of us. I wanted my husband to get a death benefit of $25,000.00 but he thought that a $20,000.00 plan would be best. Less then 90 days later my husband unexpectedly died and left me with a funeral bill and other debt. When I called the Purple Cross representative he  informed me that if all the information we provided was correct the full amount ($20,000.00) would be paid. In less the 30 days I received full payment from Purple Cross. I don't know what I would have done without Purple Cross. —Dee, WA


Thanks for Helping Our Father Qualify for Medicaid

We were told by a state worker that the limit we could set aside was $1,500.00. This amount would not cover the final expenses for our father. When we contacted your office you made it very easy for us and we were able to set aside all the money needed to provide for our fathers wishes. —Mark, Spokane WA


Thank You for Your Help with an Irrevocable Trust Account

We did not understand the process for setting aside funds for our mother. All we knew is that we were not able to qualify mom for DSHS benefits because she had more then $2,000.00 in assets. Your office was able to help us place her excess funds in an irrevocable trust account and qualify for mom's nursing home care. We are very grateful for the help that you provided to us a no cost. —Betty, Tri Cities, WA


Assistance with DSHS for Nursing Home Care has been a Blessing

We were under the impression that we could only set aside $1,500.00 from my brothers saving account when applying for assistance with DSHS for nursing home care. Your help to our family to set aside a more reasonable amount of money was wonderful. Our brother was able to qualify for nursing home care and have funds set aside for all his final expenses. —Joanne, Seattle, WA


Grateful for All Your Help Navigating DSHS

We were not sure what to do about spending down the assets of my father so he could qualify for nursing home care. The State of Washington DSHS did not allow father to have more then $2,000.00 in his account and still qualify for assistance. As you know dad had more then what is allowed. You were able to help us set up an account for the excess funds and still qualify for state assistance. We are very grateful. —Carl, Tacoma, WA


Thank You for Helping My Brother Quality for DSHS Assistance

We were referred to you by a guardianship that has used your services in the past. You made it possible for us to set aside the excess funds in his account before they were gone due to private care nursing home expense. Thank you again. We will be telling our friends about your service. —Ray, Everett, WA


Thankful for Help with Disabilities and State Assistance

Thank you for your help and understanding during this stressful time for our family. As you know our son has become disabled and you were able to assist us in helping him qualify for state assistance by setting aside funds for his final expenses. You made it easy for us and we thank you. —Janet and Bob, Centralia, WA